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Attributed to Dutch (Delft) School
A Concert Party...
Royal Cornwall Museum, Royal Institution of Cornwall, Truro

Attributed to manner of Hals, Dirck (Dutch painter, 1591-1656)
An Elegant Company...
Dover Museum

 Codde, Pieter Jacobs (Dutch painter and poet, 1599-1678)
Dutch Cavaliers and their Ladies Making Music...
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery

Manner of Hals, Dirck (Dutch painter, 1591-1656)
Love Feast in a Garden...
Wakefield Art Gallery

Attributed to after Rombouts, Theodoor (Flemish painter and printmaker, 1597-1637)
Merry Company...
Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum

 Hals, Dirck (Dutch painter, 1591-1656)
A Dutch Party...
Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery

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