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Why Me? Artist's Use of Self Image

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Collaboration between Artist Anne Seagrave & Photographer Manuel Vason 2005


WHY ME? ARTIST'S USE OF SELF IMAGE was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (re-named the Arts and Humanities Research Council on 1 April 2005). It is an alphabetically presented research database containing the names of over 340 artists worldwide who feature their own physical presence within the artworks they present. The database was created in 2007 by Anne Seagrave, artist and AHRC Fellow with the Research Institute, School of Art and Design, University of Ulster, Belfast.


It is anticipated that this database will be of interest to artists, academics within the research community, the art media and art viewing public; specifically those interested in investigating and questioning cross cultural parallels between artist's use of self representation through diverse artistic practices. The database makes no distinction between the artist's commercial success, discipline, age, gender or nationality. The purpose of the purely alphabetical form of presentation is to invite the viewer to consider equally the legitimacy of the presented artforms, whether they be established or more marginalised art practices, and perhaps to ask themselves:


Anne Seagrave (Ireland/ Spain) has presented her distinctive movement based performance work internationally for over 25 years. She has won numerous awards including: Best Experimental Art Film at the Kerry Film Festival 2002, four Arts Council of Ireland Visual Arts Bursaries, The Arts Foundation Live Art Fellowship 2002 and has devised new work during artist's residencies in Spain, Holland, Canada, UK, Poland and Ireland. Until 2004 she was a regular visiting lecturer at the National College of Art in Dublin, and a freelance organiser of many Live Art events in Ireland. In 2004 Anne Seagrave was awarded a 3 year AHRC Fellowship at the University of Ulster in Belfast and from 2008 she plans to continue her art practice based full time in Spain.


Collaboration between Artist Anne Seagrave & Photographer Manuel Vason 2005


The database is split into two sections: artists and further research. These can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS), tab-delimited text (TXT), or comma seperated values (CSV).

Copyright and permitted uses

The data produced by the WHY ME? ARTIST'S USE OF SELF-IMAGE project is the copyright of Anne Seagrave and the University of Ulster, Belfast. It may be used for private research and study purposes only. Enquiries regarding reproduction or use of the material should be sent to the address below:

Collaboration between Artist Anne Seagrave & Photographer Manuel Vason 2005

Research Institute Art and Design
University of Ulster
York Street
BT15 1ED


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