Tom Hunter

Where were you born and when?
Bournemouth, Dorset 31st July 1965
Which art school did you attend?
Royal College of Art.
When did you first move to the East End of London?
Why did you move there?
Friends lived there.

Detail from Ellingfort Rd model, now in London Museum

Were you helped by an organisation?

Did you feel part of an artistic community?
It took a long time to feel at home.
Can you remember events leading up to moving there?
Bored in Dorset.
Have you exhibited your work in the East End?
Sutton House, Alba Cafe.
Why do you think so many artists collected there between these years?
Cheap accomodation and good work spaces.
Has your work changed during this period?
It started during this period and always changes.
Why did you stay?
I'm staying here, its home and is still cheap, lots of friends here.
Was the local council helpful?
What do you think happened during these years?
I became part of the East End.
Do you have a memory or anecdote?
I've squatted in Hackney for 8 years, the Council have just pulled down my house, I now pay rent.

Detail from Ellingfort Rd model, now in London Museum

What is different now?
It's very familiar, less exciting.

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