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47 Approach Road,
London E2 9LY
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March-April 1997 Liz Arnold, Jane Simpson, Daniel Sturgis
April-June 1997 "The Look of Love" curated by Rear Window.
Nick Bailey, Jordan Baseman, Naomi Dines, Simon Foster-Ogg, Freya Hansell, Stewart Helm, Lucy Heyward, Isaac Julian, David Medalla, Anne Michie, Jayne Parker, Smith/Stewart, Simon Streather
June-July 1997 Ana Genoves, Rachel Lowther, Kerry Stewart
July-August 1997 "Still Things"
Philip Allen, Stuart Cumberland
September-October 1997
"September" curated by Peter Doig
Angus Cook, Celia Paul, Martin Westwood
October-November 1997
Daniel Coombs "3 New Paintings"
November-December 1997
"From This Moment On..."
February-March 1998
Peter Davies "New Paintings"

April-May 1998 "A to Z" curated by Matthew Higgs.
Tariq Ali, Fiona Banner, Ian Breakwell, Gavin Brown, Pavel Buchler, Angela Bulloch, Billy Childish, Adam Chodzko, Matthew Collings, Chris Coombs, Keith Coventry, Martin Creed, Russel Crotty, Juan Cruz, Jeremy Deller, Tacita Dean, Laurs Elmsley, Peter Fillingham, Liam Gillick, Richard Hamilton, Lucy Harrison, Stewart Home, Dean Hughes, Inventory, Gareth Jones, Emma Kay, Udamsak, Krisanamis, Colin Lowe, Alistair Maskinven, Martin McGowen, Paul Noble, Chris Ofili, Simon Patterson, Josephine Pryde, James Pyman, Kay Rosen, Alun Rowlands, Giorgio Sadotti, George Shaw, Bob & Roberta Smith, Johny Spenser, Amikam Toren, Nicholas Usansky, Lily van der Stokker, Tony White, Christopher Warmington, Stephen Willats, John Williams.

May-June 1998
"Gary Webb plays Gary Webb" solo sculpture show by Gary Webb.
June-July 1998
Michael Raedecker "New Paintings"
September-October 1998
Jane Simpson "Simpsons Folly"
October-November 1998 Emma Kay "Shakespeare from Memory"
December-January 1999 "It's a curse, it's a burden " Curated by Glenn Brown
February-March 1999
Ana Genoves
April-May 1999 Phillip Allen
June-July 1999 Martin Westwood

Interview with Jake Miller

Other Educated Persons
Artists and Art Organisations in the East End of London 1972 to present day