Matts Gallery

Copperfield Rd

Exhibitions 1992 to 1999


Kate Smith June 93 Installation with three works: Levitation Magician Who Could Have Guessed There'd Be So Much Diversity
Matt's Gallery Aug 93 Matt's Gallery, London 1979-1991 documentation exhibition at Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Zamek Ujazdowski, warsaw, Poland
Thomas Holley* Sept 93  
Willie Doherty Nov/Jan 94 The Only Good One is a Dead One double screen video projection with sound
Richard Wilson
Mar/May 94 Watertable
David Troostwyk Jun/Jul 94 New Figurative Works
Mel Jackson Sept/Oct 94 you, or have you ever?
Melanie Counsell Jan/Feb/Mar 95  
Jaroslaw Kozlowski
Apr/May 95 Soft Protection: The Great Britain and Northern Island Version
Matthew Tickle Jun/Aug 95  
Ian McKeever Oct/Dec 95 The Marianne North Paintings
Mike Nelson Jan/March 96 Trading Station Alpha CMa
John Frankland Apr/Jun 96 What you lookin' at?
Tony Bevan Sept/Nov 96  
Xenia K.Dieroff* Nov/Dec 96 Involuntary Confessions
Lucy Gunning Feb/March 97  
Kate Smith Apr/May 97 Imagine there are no limits
Willie Doherty June/Aug 97 Same old story
Sean Dower Oct/Dec 97 No Room in Hell (Absent Qualia)
Juan Cruz
Jan/March 98 Sancti Petri
Melanie Counsell March/April 98 Films
Graham Fagen April/June 98 Peek-a-jobby
Weekly Programme 18th Nov to 21st Feb 99 Backspace

Exhibitions 1979 to 1991

Robin Klassnik

Matts Gallery

Other Educated Persons

*first solo exhibition in this country