Matt's Gallery

Martello Street

Exhibitions 1979 to 1991

Sep 79
Supreme Object (audio/object work)
Nov 79
Feb 80
Caledonian Road Series
Mar 80
Five Pheromones:The Incomplete Documentation (olfactory installation)
Apr 80
Work in Progress(Durational Installation)
Jul 80
Script (and other audio work)
Sep 80
Labecede-Lauragais (a paper work)
Nov 80
Untitled (Their Eyes) (Installation)
Feb 81
Tomasz Osinski*
Apr 81
Sharpened Bar
David Troostwyk
Jun 81
National Day (and other works)
Robert Janz
Oct 81
Matinee (a drawing performance)
Amikam Toren
Nov 81
Bluff and Double Bluff
Gerald Newman
Jan 82
Trilogie (works on tape)
John Blake
Jan 82
One Day Back Home (Their Eyes)(installation sets IV-V with audio)
Avis Newman*
Feb 82
Scenes (a drawing installation)
Nat Gooden*
Mar 82
Passageway (spatial installation with TV and sound)
Sue Arrowsmith*
Jul 82
Beside myself (photographic installation)
Tony Bevan Aug 82 Paintings
Ian McKeever Oct 82 Black and White....or How to Paint with a Hammer
Jaroslaw Kozlowski
Nov 82 Easy drawings
Jeff Instone Jan 83 Casts (44 cast lectures and minute radio transfers)
Nan Hoover* Mar 83 intercept the Rays (a performance & three video works)
Gerard Hemsworth May 83 Means to an End (new paintings)
Anthony Wilson Jul 83 Traces of Make Up (slides and sound works)
Imants Tillers* Oct 83 White Aborigines (one painting & one drawing)
Joel Fisher Feb 94 Second Furlong
Rose Finn-Kelcey Apr 84 Black and Blue (a performance)
Amikam Toren May 84 Actualities
Avis Newman Oct 84 Figure Who No One Is (drawing installation)Serpentine Gallery
John Blake Oct 84  
Richard Wilson
Jan 84 Sheer Fluke (installation)
Ian Breakwell Apr 85 The Waiting Room (audio installation)
David Troostwyk Oct 85 Realizations
Hanna Luczak* Nov 85 Cactus (drawing installation)
Hannah Collins Jan 86 Thin Protective Coverings (photographic installation)
Jaroslaw Kozlowski
Feb 86 The Academy (installation)
Tony Bevan Oct 86  
Nan Hoover Oct 86 Barely an Instant (video installation and photographic works)
Richard Wilson
Feb 87 20:50 (installation)
Jeff Instone May 87 Echoes (painting installation0
Brian Catling May 87 Lair (installation)
Kate Smith* Nov 87 Smoke Trail:Smoke Screen (painting installation)
Rose Finn-Kelcey Feb 88 Bureau de Change (installation with £1,000 of loose change)
Gerard Hemsworth Jun 88 Self Portraits 1977/87 (painting installation)
Jimmie Durham* Oct 88 Mataoka Ale Attakulakula Anel Guldesgo Hnihi (mixed media installation)
Edgar Heap of Birds* Oct 88 heh No Wah Maun Stun He Dun (painting and drawing installation)
Richard Wilson
Apr 89 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (installation-part of collaboration with Museum of Modern art, Oxford and Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol to commission three new pieces of work by the artist)
John Blake Jul 89 Vein (photographic installation)
Melanie Counsell* Nov 89 (installation)
Jaroslaw Kozlowski
Feb 90 In Yellow (installation)
Kate Smith Apr 90 Shadow Box (installation)
Nat Gooden Aug 90 Parrallax (installation)
Willie Doherty Oct 90 Same Difference (slide installation with text)
Susan Hiller
Jan 91 An Entertainment (video projection with sound). A collaboration with third Eye Centre, Glasgow and The Mappin Gallery, Sheffield to commission a major new work by the artist).
Brian Catling Nov 91 At the Lighthouse (durational performance and installation at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14)

Exhibitions 1991 onward

Robin Klassnik

Matts Gallery

Other Educated Persons

*first solo exhibition in this country

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Sept-November 1996

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