James Faure Walker
Computer works from an exhibition at the
Colville Place Gallery, 1 Colville Place, London W1P 1HN
0171 436 1330

April 24 - May 12 1998

Colour and Drawing : from a garden table

Pictures can emerge from a routine of doodling, animation try-outs, taking photos of what`s close at hand. I like weaving the inconsequential detail into the fabric. I use a digital camera like a sketchbook, picking up ideas quite freely and throwing them in. Half the time I am working on "physical" paintings at a larger scale than the three by two feet here. Digital painting opens up a whole new playground.



Shadows on the Barrels

I have been drawing imaginary cylinders a lot, and here I`ve improvised a design around shadows on a pile of oil drums seen from a Birmingham station platform. I`ve made use of background texturing, a device called "image hose" which lets you spray out motifs in units, and "floaters" which give the feel of painting on glass.


The Shadow of the Lamp

Why mix photos and drawing? One excuse is that a digital camera makes this an easy way to go. It brings in texture, architectural detail, a visual theme like railings and shadows. The central reddish panel here shows the shadow of a lamp on old brickwork. The building is the German Hospital in Hackney, London, visited by the young Florence Nightingale.

GH 63

This also came from playing around with forms and textures taken from the German Hospital. The austere 1863 facade has been flattened out somewhat. The central panel shows the first ideas I had, after looking at photos of the operating theatre as it was at the turn of the century.

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