Hackney Building
The Professional Development Centre, Queens Bridge Building, Albion Drive. London E8 0171 275 8555
A Hackney Historic Buildings Trust Initiative

The Hackney Building Exploratory is a unique interactive resource dedicated to the exploration of the built environment. The resource which is currently being developed by Hackney residents will provide a model for other London Boroughs and British Towns.
The Exporatory centres around a permanent interactive exhibition which investigates Building Construction and Design (with a particular emphasis on housing), Housing Management and maintenance, Geology, Geography, Building History and Building Conservation.
Projects have included 'The Hackney Model Project '- involving 240 children and 7 local artists in the creation of a massive model of Hackney, 'Tower Block'-involving Holly Street Estate residents and Tom Hunter in a multimedia documentary project resulting in a 10ft model of a condemned tower block recording residents homes and 'The Haggerston Model', a scale model of a house able to be dismantled to show how architectural plans work.

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