Waywords:Water on rock: erasure by evaporation '93

Interview with
Robert Janz

Where were you born and when?
"Belfast, Northern Ireland 25th december 1932 "
Which art school did you attend?
"Rinehart School of Sculpture, Baltimore, Maryland USA"
When did you first move to the East End of London?
"Mid 1970's"
Why did you move there?
"I followed my friends"
And how did you fit into the East End?
"As well as I ever fit in anywhere (I am generally a misfit)"
Did you feel part of an artistic community?
Were you helped by an organisation?
Can you remember events that led up to you living there?

Waywords:Water on rock:Taken by the tide

Did you exhibit work in the East Endf so where?
"In the streets and Matt's Gallery"
Why do you think so many artists collected in the East End between the years 72 and 97?

"Magnetic Attraction"
Do you think your own work has changed during those years?
"Slow Evolutions"
Why did you stay in the East end?
"I am always on the move coming and going"
What do you think happened during these years?
"Things happen"
Do you have a particular memory or ancecdote?
"The swans talk to me"
What is different now?
More rubbish in the canal
What are you working on at present?
"I am developing a body of work called "Way Words", poems and installation poetry from a journal of journeys. Outdoor work is transient, but re-occuring. Words are pasted to torn posters in the street, or written with water on rocks, on walls. My passing passion."

Waywords:erasure by evaporation

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