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The Digital Picture project, 2005

Is the digital revolution taking over the classroom? Are lecturers frantically digitising their slide collections and chucking out their projectors in favour of using digital images? Chances are they are not - yet. However, the ubiquitous rise of the digital image in Higher Education coupled with the corresponding shift away from analogue technologies over the last decade has brought to the fore-front the need for a co-ordinated effort regarding the complexities, issues and problems surrounding such a fundamental technological and, more importantly, cultural shift in the visual arts education community.

In response, VADS, an independent national body serving the needs of the visual arts education community, launched The Digital Picture, an initiative to produce a UK-wide overview of issues, and potential solutions, relating to the effects of the digital image revolution within higher education institutes and associated organizations. Through a comprehensive consultation with stakeholders and interested parties throughout 2005, augmented with a coordinated survey and subsequent analysis, The Digital Picture identified tangible problems and offered arenas for discussion and possible routes towards practical solutions.

The results have now been written up into a report, which can be accessed from UCA Research Online. With over 500 questionnaires completed, 128,000+ hits to the project's website, and over 250 people attending our expert seminars, the results are comprehensive and give a good picture of the impact of technology on art education. Furthermore, conclusions and potential solutions are summised in the report, alongside a review of relevant peer projects.



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