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Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

Y: You > 3. Collect examples of other Artists work that you identify with or interest you (postcards, reproductions, etc).

back to the alphabet grid These can be historical or contemporary and chosen from a variety of sources such as animation, applied arts, fine arts, graphics etc. Try and collect a wide variety of information, which in someway reflects the eclectic experiences of contemporary life. Combine these to create your own composition, including your own imagery;

  • By the translating and transformation of other Artists work what do you learn about your own artistic practice and theirs?
  • Does the appropriation of images and ideas dilute or add to the uniqueness and originality of your own imagery.
  • Does originality matter to you?
  • Can you see evidence of how Tim utilised the work of other Artists, how did he absorb these ideas?
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    © Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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