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Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

Y: You > 2. Collect a selection of 'ordinary' everyday objects of various materials.

back to the alphabet grid Select examples that differ in material qualities, surface information, texture, size and function. This could include metallic, plastic, wooden, painted, glass and rubber objects similar to those used by Tim. You can combine these objects using them as 'props' to make arrangements, which alter the meaning, function and look of the individual objects. Whilst doing this you should ask yourself the following questions;
  • What figurative or human characteristic do the objects have either individually or when combined?
  • How can they be juxtaposed so that their distinguishing characteristics are emphasized?
  • What happens when contrasting materials are combined together?
  • Can apparently new forms be created which have added significance or 'surreal' associations?
  • How can you transform or present an everyday object into something unexpected, surprising, amazing or even beautiful?
  • What techniques (photography, printing, drawing, painting) can you use to re-present these objects, and how does that chosen medium affect the identity and personality of the object?
  • Do the objects you have selected suggest any clues to your own personality, lifestyle or interests?
  • Could you have chosen other objects, which amplify the involvement of self?
  • What symbolic suggestions and associations do your objects have?
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    © Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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