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Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

Y: You > 1. Look for and collect examples of patternisation and decorative design that are readily available and manufactured by technology.

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Try and choose examples that have some kind of repeated design, emblem or motifs and ones that you feel sum up the spirit of the age you live in. Try and avoid nostalgic and handmade examples. The examples you choose could include wrapping paper, laminates, carpets clothing and household fabrics, plastic vinyl's and wallpaper. Explore the possibilities of a 3-D set up using these materials, which you could photograph, draw or print from. Make this by cutting up the various examples you have selected and juxtapose these in unusual and conflicting arrangements. You may wish to consider the following questions relating to this activity:

  • What happens when you combine them?
  • Do they either individually or collectively create a mood or atmosphere?
  • What optical and colour combinations can you create?
  • Can they be used to heighten our appreciation of surroundings that we may perhaps otherwise take for granted due to over familiarity?
  • Is it possible to alter the meaning, mood and design of these materials and create something that captures a contemporary emotional or intellectual state?
  • How do your designs and examples of patternisation differ from Tim's choice of material, which were indicative of his own experiences and lifetime?
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    © Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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