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Tim Mara, from Imagery and Menagerie
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

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back to the alphabet grid Tim was interested in Xerography (the use and production of Xerox's) as a form of print production and used them in many ways mostly in an experimental capacity. The majority of Tim's practice involved creative photography and he was highly skilled in the making of complex photomontages and photopositive stencils from his own black and white negatives, but he recognised in Xeroxs the potential to quickly make photo based collage sketches which could explore scale and composition using the convenient and speed friendly enlargement and reproduction functions of many standard Xerox machines.

By utilising and experimenting with these machines he was able to assist visualisation of his ideas and easily develop the pre-planning stages of his artworks. Tim produced Xerox's on both paper and clear acetate which he could then use as collage or raw materials in the planning stages of his work. Many of these photocopies were seen as disposable and were often discarded, others were manipulated and edited, re-drawn and coloured to assist the decision making involved in the final print.

Tim also used Xerography techniques to produce a number of small canvases of which a few complete versions remain. These Xerox works (Blue Head, Red Glasses) 1993 and (Blue and Green Funnels) from the same year are both heat transfer Xerox prints on canvas. They originated as observational pencil sketches of objects he was considering to use in his silkscreen prints. Various drawings of these objects exist in the archive including unused images of a wire brush, jug, fruit press and other household appliances. These black on white drawings were then Xeroxed and scanned into a computer and manipulated, adding colour and changing scale. In doing so the hand drawn mark was translated into a pixilated digital image which has the look and feel of one of the Artist's photomechanical images. The images were outputted by the computer and developed into colour laser Xerox's which were subsequently reversed into a transparent medium, pressed with heat and sealed onto canvas (this heat transfer Xerox process is commonly used in the creation of cheap full colour T-Shirt design). The printed canvas was then stretched around wooden painting frames to the size 202cm x 202cm.

Tim produced these prints in 1993 at the invitation to contribute some work to an exhibition of computer related print works at the New York University in Purchase, White Plains, USA. The exhibition entitled 'Beyond the Wow Factor' was curated by Eric Great Rex and explored the use and potential of digitally involved printmaking in the UK. Tim was extremely excited by these small canvas prints and saw in them many clues and possibilities for future production and the development of his ideas. He had ambitions to produce a larger series of these Xerox works which unfortunately did not materialise due to other commitments and investigations, but they did sow the seeds of great creative potential which would later manifest itself in the production of the larger canvas prints he produced between 1995 and 1997. (see section 'C' for more details).

© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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