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Tim Mara, Hat and Squeezer, 1991
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

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back to the alphabet grid In this section of the Artist's alphabet you are given the opportunity to try and produce your own basic silkscreen print. Although the process is a relatively simple one it does require some specialist equipment and knowledge.

The workshop outlined below is a practical guide created to introduce you to the technique and, in acting as a starting point for the creation of your own images, is intended to give you some direct practical and technical incite into how Tim created his own prints. Before attempting to do this read through the workshop notes very carefully and several times over.

Reading about a process and actually attempting it are very different activities and to successfully follow the workshop you will have to make some fairly extensive preparations.

  • Click here to open Workshop guide (PDF)
    © Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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