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Tim Mara, Self Portrait with Contour Gauge, 1981
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

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As an Artist Tim was unusual in that he worked almost exclusively in the medium of print. He was fascinated by the processes and techniques involved in the medium and explored many of its different facets.

It is almost impossible to mention Tim's work without commenting on their technique and his technical mastery and innovation, and in the reviews and critiques of his practice this aspect is often praised and considered.

In this section the individual techniques he used as an Artist are highlighted giving you a thorough understanding of them. (If you do not recognise the name of any of the techniques refer to 'G' for related Glossary).

For the purposes of explanation the print 'Self-portrait with Contour Gauge' 1981 (left) is used as an illustration to some of the techniques. The colour portrait on the left hand side of the print is made using a silkscreen technique.

Techniques referred to in this section:

    © Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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