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Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

Q: Quotations > Quotes On Approach & Concepts

back to the alphabet grid "When you make a film, you prepare the shots, shoot them and edit them but never touch - even though you are involved emotionally and intellectually. I wanted to make pictures in the same way".

"I like to be one step removed from the work I'm making. To work it out and make it like a film. I enjoy working with a process. The work comes from the head rather than the end of the arm as in painting".

"Artist's in recent times (1981) have been working from a cerebral basis rather than a medium basis. There are so many forms now, which hadn't been thought of fifty years ago - video and a whole range of things. A work of art can take any form: it is considered in terms of the idea rather than the medium".

"The fact that your publishing them means that you have to consider an audience. I couldn't live with myself if my work was too esoteric. I like people to be able to read the work".

"I'm interested in the business of looking at one idea from a lot of different ways".

"I believe in inventing. I don't want to keep doing permutations of my own work. I don't want to become a pastiche of myself rather than breaking new ground".

"I got fed up with my own work in a way - I'd been doing all the complicated prints with narrative imagery and decided to keep my ideas broken down into single units - putting everything down in it's own right, the overall idea gets read in a more sequential way".

"I'm involved in the art world - but I know a lot of people in my area (Walthamstow, London) and I like the idea of giving something to them. I suppose my ideal is to make a piece of work that has got something to offer on every conceivable level".

"I often create special props to fit in with an idea. Like making a set for a film and then photographing it. That way I've got control from the initial conception of the idea right through to the finished print. I'd feel uneasy using other people's photographs".

"I don't want to be clouded by emotion, or the heart. It was a pure investigation and I don't any longer have an elaborately worked out brief or programme".

"I have to admit I am a slightly obsessional printmaker".

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© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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