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Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

Q: Quotations > Quotes On Printmaking

back to the alphabet grid "If the print is a painting, then the photomontage is drawing".

"In the hierarchy of Fine Art, Printmaking is usually associated with craft skills - with technique and that gets in the way. My work is always about the ideas more than the medium".

"I like to think it (printmaking) is not dependant on skills it's to do with ideas as opposed to inherent skills".

"One of the advantages of prints is that they can be exhibited in several places at the same time. By the very nature of their process, they are a popular art form - for the many rather than the few".

"Philosophically print is right at the centre of Fine Art where the subject can expand".

"Printing implies reproduction whereas making implies innovation; hovering between these two points gives us a lot of scope in the subject. Printmaking is an extra ordinary broad and flexible medium which is constantly reviewing itself - endlessly inventive".

"Art is at the core of Printmaking".

"There are as many different ways of making prints as there are Artist's making them'.

"I like to print each bit in it's own right. The thing about printing as opposed to Printmaking is that people will use the same colour in several areas to save themselves a couple of printings. I treat everything as if I were painting it. The same colour could actually be used twice but I don't know that as I go along, I don't know that until it's finished".

"Printmaking is a flexible medium, its roots are in printing which has always been at the forefront of technology. Printmaking is an accumulation of printing technologies from Caxton's hot new technology of wood block printing through wood engraving, copper engraving, etching, stone Lithography, offset lithography and screen printing - right through to laser and inkjet printing. All exist in the present for us. All have equal potential".

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© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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