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Tim Mara, Chair, 1989
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

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back to the alphabet grid An experimental process Tim was interested in throughout the 1980s was the taking of plaster cast impressions from photographic etching plates resulting in plaster relief works with an impression of an embossed photographic image in them. Between 1984 to 1989 he produced several large scale one-off casts in this way by pouring plaster-of-Paris over an enclosed photo etched steel plate which had a negative image bitten into its surface by acid. When the poured plaster-of-Paris dried and the plate was removed from both the plaster and its casing this negative image had been reversed into a positive image reading true to its original source. The exact number of works the Artist produced in this way is unknown as he produced them at sporadic periods but various examples of them are kept in the archive. They are all unique and different in size although variations of the same image have been made. Other examples of these works exist in private collections but they have been shown infrequently due to the fragility of the materials involved and the excessive weight of the objects.

The casts are all uncoloured apart from a residue of brown rust which colours the surface of some of the works adding and highlighting surface information and detail. The plaster casts in the archive are;

"Woman in Dress' 1984 (940cm x 673cm)
This image is related to the silkscreen print mosaic of the same year.

Cut Glass Bowl' 1985 (840cm x 1095cm)
This image is the same as the photo etching of the same name and year whose plate was the source of impression for the taking of the cast. It features Tim's friend and fellow studio Artist Martin Barrett and the Walthamstow Dog Track signage.

'Chair' 1988 (965cm x 660cm)
This image is related to several of Tim's prints from 1986-1988 but is closest to the image produced in the eight small prints series of 1998 also titled 'Chair'.

'Boots' 1988 (660cm x 660cm)
There are two versions of this image, which differ slightly in production. The image is related to the small print of the same year and the same title.

'Jug' 1988 (660cm x 660cm)
There are also two versions of this image; one impression is noticeably more superior in its clarity and definition. The other work is heavily rusted. They relate to the small print of the same name and year from the same series as 'Boots' and 'Chair'.

'Stacking Chairs' 1987 (965cm x 660cm)
This image relates to the screen print of the previous year.

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    © Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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