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Tim Mara, Two Bar Electric Fire, 1995-6
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

K: Keyworks > 5. Two Bar Electric Fire 1995/6

back to the alphabet grid Previously Tim had combined objects in pairs, this was one of his first attempts to create an artwork form an individual isolated image. What happens when the object is isolated in this way?

If you compare the first of Tim's key works 'Mirror Man' produced 26 years earlier his work seems to have changed dramatically. What developments and elements can you identify in his work, which link these, two pieces?

Tim felt that the format of this work and the use of a large canvas substrate gave the work an incredible status and scale, do you agree? Is the print monumental in feel?

He felt that the choice of object and the fact that it was not too individual was important, why do you think this was important to him?

The colours used in this print suggest an interest in naturalistic representation. Do you think Tim was interested in this? What other interests may have been inspiring him in this work? How is colour used?

The object here is placed on the canvas background in a very deliberate specific way. If it were placed elsewhere in the picture plain how would the image be affected?

Is this a painting or a print?

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© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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