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Tim Mara, Can and Bowl, 1992
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

K: Keyworks > 4. Can and Bowl 1992

back to the alphabet grid This work has the look and feel of a 20th Century 'Vanitas' still life piece. What parallels do you see with this work and a traditional 17th Century Dutch 'Vanitas' still life? What differences do you recognise?

What compositional decisions have been made in this work? How do these decisions differ from the thinking, which informed the work Tim made as a Student in the 1970's?

If the objects in this print were removed how would the print look? Would it have the same accessibility or readability and would it still be a successful work of art?

What qualities in the objects do you think Tim was interested in? How does his depiction of the objects differ from the actual objects themselves?

Is this a 'trompe l'oeil' work and if so how do its illusions work? If not, why is it different?

Tim was interested in contrasts, what contrasts exist in this work?

Try and dissect the chronological sequence of the printing of the colours? Which colours were first? How many individual printings can you recognise in your dissection of its making?

Does the juxtaposition used here suggest any visual punning or clues to its intended meaning? Is an understanding of meaning important in our appreciation and enjoyment of an artwork or can it be successful in other ways?

In this print Tim transforms two seemingly ordinary mundane domestic objects into beautiful iconic images. How does he achieve this artistic alchemy and what skills are involved?

The print could easily be associated with various schools of aesthetic thought, do you recognise any? Can you think of any other Artists who have combined, absorbed and appropriated sometimes contradictory influences and imagery?

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© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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