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Tim Mara, The Journal, 1980
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

K: Keyworks > 3. The Journal 1987

back to the alphabet grid This print was an unexpected return to the more complex narrative approach that Tim had previously explored but abandoned in 1975. What do you think inspired him to return to this way of working twelve years later?

The work is particularly inspired by Picasso's famous masterpiece 'Guernica'. Compare the two works and study them. What similarities do you recognise? How do they differ in formal terms?

What opposites exist in the print both compositionally and subject matter wise?

Who do you think the characters in the image are and what are they doing?

The fruit press featured on the table is another of Tim's prints 'Stool with Press' from the previous year. This print is very different in atmosphere, space and mood; do you think this is related to the intention of the image? How do the various additional objects in this work affect the image of the press?

What do you think the headlines in the paper mean? Are they clues to the overall meaning of the print or unrelated red herrings? Could both approaches have validity?

How does the print comment on Tim's interest in 'cultural imperialism" and the politics normally associated with 'Guernica'? Why did he refer to this print as being like 'war in modern dress'?

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© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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