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Tim Mara, Mirror Man, 1970
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

K: Keyworks > 1. Mirror Man 1970

back to the alphabet grid Tim considered this work to be a "painted print", what do you think he meant by this and what parallels do you recognise between painting and printmaking?

The print was originally created as a storyboard for a film idea, what do you think the subject and plot of that film would be? What do you think the film would look like?

The majority of the characters in the print have their features and facial identity obscured from the viewer. Why do you think this is and is it a deliberate visual device?

The print has connections with both the 'Pop' and 'Op' art movements, what are they? How does Tim absorb these associations and influences whilst retaining a unique authorship?

Why do you think the print uses such a colourful palette? If the print were made at a different time or period in his life how do you think the palette would be affected?

How do the geometric divisions of the composition affect your reading of the suggested narrative? Does the narrative make any sense, and should it?

How does the print differ from the similar print 'Souvenir' from the same year? How do considerations such as scale, colour, and presentation affect our interpretation of an image? Is one more preferable to you than another?

Does the image have a starting point or an end? How do you read the presented information, and in what direction do your eyes travel when viewing it? Does this differ from looking at other prints by Tim?

What mood and atmosphere do you think he was trying to create in the print?

Do you think the print has a definite intention? What is more important for an Artist intention, motivation or vision?

What connections if any with renaissance and classical art works can you see? Does the print subscribe to any of the traditional genres, techniques or subject matter exemplified in the history of art?

How does technology affect and inform this work? Would it be different if it were to be recreated considering current technological developments?

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© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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