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Tim Mara, Reeded Glass & Shadow, 1997
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

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In this section six individual images have been selected for you to study. Each one of these images is considered to be a key work representing a specific period or classic example of Tim's approach. A key work is one of major importance which sums up the concerns, interests and aesthetics of the various types of work produced by the Artist.

Each of the chosen works is typical of one particular aspect of Tim's thinking and practice and has been selected to provide insight and understanding into the thinking that underpins this practice and the structuring, content and decision making involved in the making of the work. The six key works are presented with an accompanying series of questions, which vary from the theoretical, practical, to the philosophical and rhetorical. You are encouraged to ask yourselves these questions and in considering the answers analyse the selected images and develop your own interpretations and conclusions about them.

(There are many clues and insights about these works or related imagery throughout the Artist's Alphabet which you can access to assist your understanding and responses)

1. Mirror Man 1970

2. Self Portrait with Family 1980

3. The Journal 1987

4. Can and Bowl 1992

5. Two Bar Electric Fire 1995/6

6. Reeded Glass and Shadow 1997

© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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