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Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

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The 'Tim Mara Artists Alphabet' has been conceived and designed as a teaching and learning aid for use by further education students and other additional parties.

It is pitched to be of particular interest and relevance to students, researchers and practitioners of artistic practice in the early stages of their development and understanding but deliberately involves concepts and information of a fairly complex nature, which will be of use and service to individuals whose researches may concentrate on or be related to the work of Tim.

The Artists Alphabet consists of 26 individual sections, one for each letter of the alphabet, each one highlighting and representing a different area or topic relating to his practice. The sections are varied in nature and include different approaches of presentation of information. This includes theoretical, historical, reference and analytical sections, as well as interactive activities, which are practical, motivational or cerebral based.

The sections have been designed to be capable of appealing to a broad range of approaches, understanding and interests, and will have a speed of access so the student or researcher may quickly find appropriate and relevant information to suit their personal needs and requirements.

© Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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