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1. Tim Mara, Mirror Man, 1970
Tim Mara Artist's Alphabet

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back to the alphabet grid 1. Mirror Man 1970

The character with the striped outfit that appears in many sections of this work is a German tutor of Tim's at Wolverhampton Art School named Louise Kimmer. The male figure with the trilby hat on is Ian Fogden a fellow student there. In panel twelve on the right hand side, the Artist (with beard) can be seen in a mirror directing the ongoing narrative scenes, assisted by an unidentified collaborator/assistant. The model is the College's regular life model whose name is unknown.

2. Girl on Picnic 1971 - 1972

This is the Artists eldest daughter, Emily who was then two years old. Beyond the obvious parental reasons for choosing her Tim was also interested in her obsessional attachment to her hat, which she would only reluctantly remove whilst eating for a prolonged period of time. The hat's design echoed much of the hard-edged pop-inspired abstract painting that was extremely popular in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

3. The Second Room 1971 - 1972
(From left to right)

The lady on the bed was the Department Secretary at Wolverhampton Art School where the print was made. The man next to her reading the newspaper is Jim Wotton, the reprographics technician at the college and the standing man is Tony Messenger a graphics Tutor. The female in the foreground of the work is a fellow student of Tim's called Alison Neal.

4. Portrait of Astrid 1973

This image shows multiple portraits of a friend if Tim's called Astrid Merrick who was a foundation student at Wolverhampton when Tim was an undergraduate student. She can be seen in several poses, both in the interior and exterior and also repeated in the button badges and snow dome.

5. Alan's Room 1974
(From left to right)

On the beach towel is the Artists wife Belinda Mara next to their eldest daughter Emily, the beach scene was photographed in the interior of the Artists home. The man reading the Superman comic is Alan Bamford and next to him is Alan Floyd both of whom could supposedly be the inhabitant of this fantasical room. Alan Floyd is seen again reflected in the mirror and in the repeated TV monitors, which serve as a bed. Both Alan's were friends of Tim's from Wolverhampton. The man in the tweed jacket and glasses is Gordon Monroe a London based friend and finally in the left hand foreground a fellow student of Tim's at The Royal College of Art, Sue Carney.

6. Power Cuts Imminent 1975
(From left to right)

In the left-hand foreground is Tim's school friend Vyvian Hardless with whom he had a lifelong friendship. The Artist was particularly interested in the design, patternation and colour of this shirt and asked him to pose in it for this print. Above him in the brown jacket is Brian Brickman a fellow printmaking student.

At the slide projector next to him is Alf Dunn a tutor at The Royal College of Art's Printmaking Course who Tim would later work alongside when he was appointed Professor of the Department in 1990.

In the Pater Noster lift there is an unidentified female figure and below the Artists father. The words 'Pater Noster' are Latin for 'our father' so the inclusion of the Artists father in this type of lift hints at a visual pun which would be characteristic of Tim's often humorous and affectionate approach to selection of imagery.

Sitting on Alistair Grant's (the Professor of Printmaking at the time of this production) leather sofa is Belinda Mara the Artists wife who is clothed in a dress she made as a prop especially for the print. (As a note of interest the dress consists of only a front and remained backless due to lack of finances to purchase the rest of the material. The Artist printed its design).

The face repeated in the TV screen is Richard Baker a 1970's newsreader who was a close friend of Vivian Hardless's family and a popular TV celebrity.

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    © Text: Mark Hampson / Images: Belinda Mara
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