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Bernard Leach

At this point David, who had worked at the Pottery for twenty-five years and had shaped it into a workable, well-run production unit, left to set up his own pottery at Lowerdown Cross, Devon, and Janet took over the running of the workshop. In 1956 Leach was nearly seventy, and though still fit and well, felt that it was beyond his capabilities. Leach concentrated on making individual pots, and some of his strongest pieces were made at this time. While he would make the smaller pieces, he worked with his son David or later Bill Marshall on the larger pieces, though Leach would always finish and decorate them.

Of the pots made at this time, all well represented in the Crafts Study Centre, Leach subtly combines a deep understanding of form with a sensitivity to decoration on shapes that are strong rather than brash, and confident without being excessive. While looking to the East, the pots have a soft, European sensibility that treads a middle line between the two cultures.



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