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Barron and Larcher

Not surprisingly, Barron and Larcher used their own materials to furnish their homes and also had garments made up from their prints. When Robin Tanner first visited Hambutts House in 1938 he noticed immediately that Barron 'wore clothes superbly made of her own printed stuffs. That morning she was dressed in a long linen garment, printed in one of her favourite designs which she called Guinea, in the galled iron black she was so fond of…And all down the front were old silver Dutch buttons'.{9} (No. 1) Equally he thought Larcher 'was most beautifully dressed. She wore cotton printed in iron rust in her own design called Old Flower the very first she ever cut…[she] was a most distinguished embroideress. (No. 2) I observed at once the immaculate stitchery and the embroidered collar and cuffs of her dress, and the amber glass buttons chosen with perfect appropriateness…`.{10} Barron and Larcher had formed a large button collection, from which they drew to complement the garments made up from their prints. (No. 3) The contrasting coloured lining, piping and stitching are other characteristic features of their garments, notable in the colourful rose facings, piping and cream stitching of a double print satin dressing-gown, or the bright yellow piping of a grey silk velvet evening jacket. (No. 4, 5, 6)

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