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Barron and Larcher

They had a flair for overprinting and often obtained unusually rich effects, for example Guinea was sometimes used twice to print on the same material, the block being reversed the second time it was printed. (No. 1) They would also use 'found' objects to print with: a plastic nail brush was occasionally used for spotting, while Motor was simply a rubber car mat which they cut up and made into a block by mounting on wood. (No. 2) Other designs such as Gordon might be embellished with an overprinted V and a small running zigzag achieved with a pastry cutter. (No. 3)

The names of designs derived from a variety of sources. They could be relatively straightforward like Diagonal or Dandelion. (No. 4, 5) Alternatively they might be named after the place or person particularly associated with the design for example Peach was named after Harry Peach, the founder of Dryad Handicrafts in Leicester. (No. 6)

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