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From the beginning The Little Gallery held special exhibitions of Barron and Larcher's work on a regular basis. One of the first of these was complemented by their historical collection of printed textiles from around the world. (No. 1) Often exhibitions were held in the lead up to Christmas or either in spring or autumn, when prospective customers could be introduced to the latest designs for this season's dress and furnishing. (No. 2, 3)

As a close friend, Muriel Rose did much to help advance Barron and Larcher's work. Not only did she foster a select and wealthy clientele for the gallery which included titled patrons and even royalty, but promoted their work further afield. It was she who was instrumental in getting their textiles shown on the other side of the Atlantic. This was first with a Mrs Paul Watson as their representative and, after The Little Gallery closed, touring their work in the USA with the British Council (1942-5) as part of a much larger exhibition promoting the best of British craftsmanship. (No. 4) Barron and Larcher's order book for this period records the textiles sent to Muriel Rose between August 1941 and February 1942 for possible inclusion in the Exhibition of Modern British Crafts. (No. 5, 6)

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