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About the same time The New Handworkers' Gallery was opened in the name of Ethel Mairet's husband Philip but it never enjoyed the same success as The Little Gallery. The letter heading for 14 Percy Street announced that it kept a 'Permanent exhibition by individual craftsmen including Phyllis Barron, Michael Cardew, Bernard Leach, Romney Green and Ethel Mairet'. (No. 1, 2)

However, PAM (as Philip Mairet was sometimes known) was really far more interested in writing for The New Age, or editing the pamphlets that emanated from the gallery, than in encouraging visitors to make a purchase. In addition, the gallery's location off the Tottenham Court Road could have been better, and the fact that it was situated on the first floor did not help. A move to 6 Fitzroy Square in 1930 seemed more promising and the gallery was now advertised as being run by Ethel Mairet and Gwendoline Norsworthy. However, the life of the gallery was short and it closed promptly the following year. (No. 3)

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