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Barron and Larcher's order book for April 1938 to September 1944 is a clear illustration of the fall in demand for their textiles during this period, largely caused by the outbreak of the Second World War. Orders from April 1938 up to the end of 1939 occupy 156 of the 220 pages, whilst those for 1940-44 are condensed into the remainder. Prices shown range from a few shillings per yard to several guineas, depending on the material used and the number of times it was printed. Quantities for orders varied from a headscarf to considerable yardage for curtaining and upholstery.

Orders taken direct are mostly written in Phyllis Barron's hand and range from nearby good friends like Eve Simmonds or Robin Tanner, to titled patrons such as Lady Adare and Lady Russell. (No. 1, 2, 3, 4) Several figures from the contemporary craft world are also included, like the furniture maker, Eric Sharpe, or the wife of the potter Michael Cardew. (No. 5, 6)

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