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The primary material is all held in the archive of the Crafts Study Centre, the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, Farnham, apart from the original papers and correspondence pertaining to the commission for Girton College, Cambridge which are held in the archive at Girton College. The Mistress and Fellows of Girton College, Cambridge generously have permitted photographs of the Dining Room and Combination Room, Girton College, Cambridge to be reproduced here.

Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher worked very closely together from 1923 onward and so many of the designs are attributed to both women, unless otherwise stated. In some cases an exact date can be given, but often the date a block was cut is unknown and since some blocks continued to be used over many years, it has to be accepted they were printed some time between 1923-40. The images of the mounted samples of Barron and Larcher's work are all taken from Phyllis Barron 1890-1964 Dorothy Larcher 1884-1952 A record of their block-printed textiles, volume 1 & 2, compiled by Robin Tanner, 1968.

Materials are all hand-blockprinted unless otherwise stated.

Dimensions are given in centimetres with height or length before width.



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