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This learning resource concentrates on the hand-blockprinted textiles of Phyllis Barron (1890-1964) and Dorothy Larcher (1882-1952) in the collection and archive of the Crafts Study Centre at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, Farnham. Barron and Larcher were two of the leading hand-blockprinters of textiles working in Britain during the 1920s and '30s and the Crafts Study Centre has the largest holding of their work in a public collection.

This study traces their work from first experiments with French blocks when Barron was a student, to some of the last orders received by Barron and Larcher in the early 1940s. In addition to looking at Barron and Larcher's textiles in detail, major commissions are highlighted and the role played by galleries and exhibitions in promoting their work is discussed. To get the most from this on-line learning resource it is strongly recommended that it is followed through section by section in the order given under Contents .

In addition to drawing on the collection and archive of Barron and Larcher's work presented to the Crafts Study Centre by Robin and Heather Tanner, this study also looks at related material held there in The Muriel Rose Archive, The Red Rose Guild Archive and The Susan Bosence Archive. Brief mention is made of other makers represented in the and a selection of the hand-blockprinted and resist-dyed textiles of Susan Bosence (1913-1996) is included as a major part of The Legacy .

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