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Robin Tanner

Following Dorothy Larcher's death in 1952 Robin and Heather Tanner were amongst Barron's closest friends, and she took several holidays in France with them. Latterly, they enjoyed discussing the format for a record of Barron and Larcher's printed textiles that Robin was compiling in duplicate, and which he looked forward to completing following his retirement as Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools in December 1964.

Barron's sudden death, in November that year, curtailed their work together, but in her will she left Robin her life's work. Over the coming months Heather sorted and listed all Barron and Larcher's textiles, while Robin completed the record of their work that had been planned and which he bound in two vast volumes. (No. 1) In addition, within days of Barron's death, Dietrich made a photographic record of her home exactly as she had left it. (No. 2)

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