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This was in 1938, the same year that Robin first met Barron and Larcher at their home in Painswick, Gloucestershire and marked the start of a warm friendship that was to develop between them all over the years. (No. 1) From that meeting Robin perceived at once that Barron and Larcher's was a 'marriage of true minds'.{1} He described Barron as 'a tall, large, handsome, commanding figure with fine eyes and brow, cropped silver hair, a beautiful outgoing expression and a warm lovely voice'.{2} He also noted her joie de vivre, energy, fresh wit and creative mind which combined with a high sense of standard made her an exuberant force to contend with. Of Larcher he wrote she was 'small' but with a 'strong personality', and continued she 'had a rather sad, quiet voice and a serious manner, though her sense of humour was every bit as keen as Barron's'.{3}

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