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2003.52.4 Š Š

Sometimes special exhibitions would be held at Hambutts House to show Barron and Larcher's latest designs. These might be displayed together with their historic textiles collection. (No. 1) Apart from some early Indian examples, probably bought by Dorothy when she was living out there, the majority of their historic textiles came from France, and dated back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As a student, Barron had often gone to the Pas-de-Calais region, subsequently travelling further afield with Dorothy and friends. Together the two women purchased early printed stuffs at bargain prices including Provenšal cottons and examples of Toile de Jouy. (No. 2) They travelled to Rouen, Arles and Marseilles, and enjoyed a trip to Mulhouse in Alsace to visit the MusÚe de L'Impression sur etoffes.

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