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Levy, David, "Slouching into Cyberspace, the place of the Lettering Arts in a Digital Era", Codes and Messages, Ewan Clayton, ed. Crafts Council, London 1995.

Chartier, Roger. The Order of Books, Stanford 1994. Examines the methods used between the end of the middle ages and the eighteenth century to impose order on the increasing number of texts in circulation via classification systems, titling, systems of reference between works, ideas of the library etc. all leading to a changed relationship between readers and text.

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Clayton, Ewan and Fleuss, Gerald. FONT, Sumner Stone, Calligraphy and Type Design in a Digital Age, Ditchling Museum, 2000.
Catalogue with essays on the future of calligraphy and type, a case study of a type design by Sumner Stone, and John Dreyfus on Space and Type.



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