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Bartram, Alan. Lettering in Architecture, Lund Humphries, London 1975. Illustrations arranged chronologically, surveys architectural lettering in Britain and Italy. Strong historical weighting. Argues for distinctive English traditions.

Burman, Peter & Stapleton, Very Rev. Henry, eds. The Churchyards Handbook, Council for the Care of Churches 1988. Guidance on the management and care of churchyards, preservation of old monuments and the design of new ones, very practical guidelines.

Catich, Edward M. The Origin of the Serif: Brush Writing and Roman Letters, Catfish, Davenport 1968. and St. Ambrose, Davenport 1992. An authoritative exposition on the role of the square edged brush in the making of Roman capital letterforms.

Frazer, Harriet & Oestrieicher, Christine. The Art of Remembering, Carcarnet, Manchester 1998. Catalogue of exhibition arranged by 'Memorials by Artists', fifty four contemporary memorials. Essays by Lucinda Lampton, Alan Powers and others. The most thought provoking contribution comes from David Robinson who writes about the social history of mourning.

Fleuss, Gerald. Tom Perkins, Calligraphic Enterprises, Ditchling 1998. Forty B&W illustrations, with introductory essay from Gerald Fleuss.

Kinnier, Jock. Words and Buildings, the art and practise of public lettering, Architectural Press, London 1980. Illustrations from Greek to modern times with the emphasis firmly on the modern. Aims to be sensitive to the interests of the architect and planner as well as the typographer -written with a 'graphic designers' point of view in mind.

Kindersley, David & Lopes Cardozo, Lida. Letters Slate Cut, Kindersley & Lopes-Cardozo, Cambridge 1990. Has a useful practical section.

O'Donnell, Terry. Lettering in the Twentieth Century, a report on the practise, development and teaching of lettering in Britain this century. Crafts Study Centre, Bath 1982. A limited edition of only fifty copies of this invaluable but neglected survey were issued. Suffers from poorly reproduced photos. Interesting for its many cogent statements on lettering education. Makes case for formal pen based studies having a fundamental role in lettering education.

Stewart, Bill. Signwork, a Craftsman's Manual, Granada , London 1984. A practical book looking at lettering, drawing, coatings, scaffolding, types of signs, fixings, signwriting, gilding and bronzing, glass decoration, screen printing, masking, cutting and costing.



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