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When working in Luther Hooper's studio she compiled a unique manuscript book of notes and drawings: 'Weaving Notes', bound in pigskin and recording the period 1925-9. She also wove with Elizabeth Peacock at her workshop in Clayton, near Ditchling, Sussex for over a year in the first half of the 1930s and at this time produced a thick woollen bedspread, similar in style to Peacock's work. By 1938 she had established her workshop at Brockenhurst, where she remained until she moved into a residential hotel near by in 1980.

Hindson was a detailed pattern weaver who admired Italian medieval weaves and, as distinct from the producers of heavier cloth, was regarded as something of a neat perfectionist. Her work was generally in silk, highly coloured and almost Chinese in feeling. She dyed most of her own silk yarn, using natural plant materials.

In addition to weaving and researching looms, Alice Hindson was a founder member of the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers (1931) and a founder member of the Hampshire branch of the Guild in 1950. She served on the Journal Committee from its beginnings in 1952 until 1973. Her famous loom 'Aladdin' was sold to Amelia Uden in 1975; it was accompanied by precise written notes as well as a sense of enthusiasm. Alice Hindson died in 1984.

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