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Alice Hindson

Alice Maud Charlotte Hindson, the daughter of a clergyman, was born in 1896 and educated at Cheltenham Ladies College. When the College was closed in the First World War and turned into a hospital for the war wounded, she worked there as a quartermaster. The family moved to Sandbach then, after the death of her father, settled in Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire. Alice Hindson attended the Central School of Art and Crafts, London in the early 1920s where she studied drawing, lettering and wood-engraving under Noel Rooke. She began to illustrate books and became a member of the Guild of Scribes and Illuminators, serving as its Secretary from 1928 to 1931.

At the Central School she met Luther Hooper, the drawloom weaver, whose classic handbook Handloom Weaving (1910) fuelled the revival of this intricate subject. She studied with him in the second half of the 1920s and acquired a drawloom build by Eric Sharpe, the furniture maker from Martyr Worthy, near Winchester. Hooper's book The New Drawloom (Pitman, 1932) illustrates many examples of Alice Hindson's work, comprising neat woven designs in Chinese silk derived from her wood engravings.

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