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Peter Collingwood

Peter Collingwood, OBE, was born in London in 1922, educated at Epsom College and trained to be a doctor at St Mary's Medical School, London, during wartime (1942-6). However, he decided to be a weaver and worked as an apprentice to Ethel Mairet in her Gospels workshop, Ditchling, Sussex, from 1950 to '51. He subsequently worked for Alastair Morton of the Morton Sundour textile firm as an apprentice/assistant in his weaving design studio in the Lake District.

In 1953 Collingwood set up his workshop near Archway, North London, with a George Maxwell 8-shaft countermarch loom and a Lervad (Danish) loom. He wove block-weave floor rugs based on ideas originally explored at Alastair Morton's, and also devised the 'double-corduroy' technique for cut-weft pile rugs. Occasionally, knotted rugs were also produced. The main materials were wool weft yarn across a hemp, later linen, warp; also in use was plaited rush, with sisal and cotton, for floor mats, and brush fibres (in the weft) for table mats.

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