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Rita Beales

In the 1960s the Bealeses moved their base to Daneway, Gloucestershire, and after Percy's death in 1963 Rita moved for the last time, buying a home which she named 'Flax Cottage' in Painswick, Gloucestershire. She continued weaving on a small Danish 12-shaft loom until 1979 when failing eyesight forced her to give up. However, she continued to spin wool regularly until her death in 1987 at almost 99 years of age.

In 1980 a retrospective exhibition entitled 'Flax and Fleece' was held at the Crafts Study Centre (CSC), Holburne Museum, Bath; much of the best work (dating from the 1930s to the 1950s) from that show was acquired for the CSC's permanent collection thanks to Rita Beales's generosity.

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