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Audrey Blackman

No 35: Figure group, 'The glass of fashion' (Opus 6), 1975 (P.77.10)>

Based on English, eighteenth-century, porcelain figurines such as Chelsea or Bow, this amusing group shows a fashionably dressed couple of the 1970s. Their overglaze brush-patterned clothes and hairstyles are full of ceramic interest. The work is made in modelled and rolled white porcelain clay (the David Leach recipe for Podmore's) with a transparent glaze. Texture is found predominantly in the hair which is a mass of crumbled and coiled clay, the techniques of which exactly mirror the frizzy permed hair and long ringlets then in favour. In addition, the female's dress is impressed with cross patterns and the male's waistcoat imitates knitting.



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