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A review of 48 ceramic items by 18 potters, selected from the collection for their breadth, produces a rich catalogue of forms, techniques and decorative media. For the purposes of this guide, the pots have been arranged in three sections:

1) Liquid Colour - Images 1-15

2) Brush Decoration - Images 16-30

3) Textured and Modelled Surfaces - Images 31-48

Under each of these headings is an introductory text discussing trends and sources within the relevant topic, which also points out the use of certain techniques and materials. Commentaries, or extended captions, on the individual pots give factual descriptions and suggest ways of viewing and appreciating them, while specially prepared colour images by David Westwood show the decoration enlarged.

Users of this guide can freely explore the three categories of ceramic decoration visually, or can easily locate the potters whose work interests them by searching these categories alphabetically for their names. Suggestions for further reading can be found in the bibliography at the end of the guide and the best biographical sketches of potters and ceramists are published in Oliver Watson's British Studio Pottery (Phaidon and Christie's, 1990).



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