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This is a photographic practice based module which is intended to encourage students to access the Design Council Archive, or an archive of choice, either physically or via the web, and to produce work in response to the material contained within the archive. This project is designed for students to produce a significant body of photographic work by either re-evaluating the existing material contained within an archive, or by creating original photography in response to the chosen archive. The completed projects will then be emailed to us for inclusion in the Student Response Bank.

Students are advised to read the brief and essay carefully before starting this project and, where possible, to gain advice from their tutor. The brief gives details of all of the requirements of the project, including the submission date and procedure. It is also strongly advised that students take full advantage of the resources included, particularly the reading list. The reading, film and web lists are a compilation of the research references of everyone who has participated in this project to date. We would therefore ask you to include your complete bibliographies with your final submission for inclusion in these lists.

Finally, thank you for participating in and contributing to the Student Response Bank. Your work will be stored and sorted by year and on display, via the web, indefinitely. The Bank is intended to expand into an Archive of Archives over the coming years and, we hope, into a valuable resource for both students and lecturers. If you have any queries please contact us at:

Good luck, we look forward to your submission.

Note to lecturers
This unit is primarily aimed towards students studying at levels 1 or 2 on photographic practice based degree courses and is intended as a 6 week, 20 credit unit. The module can be delivered to an entire year or taken on individually by students but it is advised that tutorial support is available throughout. The reading list is long and, by necessity, general and part of any tutorial advice should be to direct students towards the most relevant books or texts for their specific project. If you have any additions you would like to make to the resources lists please follow the upload procedure described in the brief.
Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or comments regarding this project, at