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Designing Britain Home Page

Exhibiting Britain: display and national identity 1946-1967

         Britain Can Make It
            BCMI Introduction
            What Industrial Design Means
            BCMI Response & Critique
            BCMI Conclusion
         Expo '67
            Expo Introduction
            The British Pavilion
            Expo Britain Today
            Expo Response & Critique
            Expo Conclusion
            BCMI Sources
            Expo '67 Sources
         Image Archive
The New Jewellery: a documentational account

         Momentum 1975-1977
         High New Jewelleryism 1977-1975
         The End of Era?
         Image Archive
From Solving Problems to Selling Product: The Changing Role of Designers in Post-war Britain

            Social Reform 1930-1950
            Cultural Revolution 1950-1970
            Design Reformers 1930-1950
            Emerging Practice 1950-1970
            Flexible Production 1970-1990
         Product Evolution
            Assignments Intro
            Assignment 1
            Assignment 2
         Image Archive
The Student Response Bank

         SRB Project Brief
         Support Resources
            Film List
            Reading List
         SRB - 2001/2
            Freestone & Brooks
         Selected Images
         Image Archive
Art for Social Spaces: Public Sculpture and Urban Regeneration in Post-war Britain

         Case Studies
            Festival of Britain
            Precincts /Parks
         Image Archive
Oral testimony and the interpretation of the crafts

         Oral History
            Birth of coffee bars
            Picassoettes in coffee bars
            Lyons Corner House
            Golden Egg Restaurants
            Other Images
         Image Archive
Fabrics Forming Society: the topography of taste in textile design

            Textile Design
            Textile Design
         Research Base
            Reading List
         Image Archive
         Keyword Search
            Continental Fashion
            Dior 'New Look'
            Foreign Travel
            Home Dressmaking

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