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Your mark for this module will be based on the project essay and the activities contained within the 5 stages.
Each of the 5 stages of this website include activities which should help you in the completion of the project. You must complete these activities as they will be assessed alongside the project essay (see below).
The weighting of the mark will be as follows: the project essay will acccount for 65% and the activities for 35%. You cannot pass unless you complete the project and all of the activites.


For completion by the end of the module.
Choose one of the following titles:
Write a 3000 word essay on the following:

1. Modern Coffee Bars: What has changed since the 1950s?
Using the headings in Paul Reilly's article on décor in 1950s London coffee bars, (textures; murals; light fittings; sculptures; counters; tables and seating; indoor plants; artifice), choose three coffee bars in a town or city near you and take photographs to illustrate the headings. You will also conduct audio or video interviews with customers or proprietors. Add new headings that are common to the modern coffee bars. Your contemporary research should show how they are similar and/or different to the 1950s bars and should seek to set both in their historical context.

2. 'There has been a sudden mushrooming of eating houses which have the impertinence to be fairly cheap, good fun and actually up to date. Ken and Kate Baynes have visited some and talked…to restaurant managers, design consultants and some of the customers'. Using this sub-title to the Baynes' 1966 article conduct your own mini-survey of contemporary 'eating houses' which fit this description. You will conduct audio or video interviews and take photographs. You may choose to use their sub-headings as pointers for your own work. Compare and contrast your findings with those outlined in the Baynes article.

For whichever of the above titles you choose you must conduct one or more audio or video interview, (using the oral history page to help you). They will be assessed on the basis of how well you use the interview/s in your essay. The interview/s will account for 25% of the mark for the project essay.