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Archival Sources

Design Council Archive, Design History Research Centre, University of Brighton
Documents relating to the Britain Can Make It Exhibition:

1D/58: Summer Exhibition and Policy Progress Meetings
ID/312: Summer Exhibition
ID/353: Summer Exhibition: Policy Committee. Papers other than minutes
ID/353: Summer Exhibition Finance Committee
ID/361: Summer Exhibition: Policy Committee: minutes
ID/385/8: "Birth of an Egg Cup" Booklet by Misha Black. (Fundamentals of Design Section. BCMI)
ID/901: Photographic Record: The Building of the "BCMI" Exhibition at the V&A Museum
ID/903: "BCMI" Mass Observations
ID/910: "BCMI" Letters of Appreciation
ID/911: "BCMI" Letters containing Criticism, Complaints and Suggestions
BCMI: Construction Books I & II (photograph albums of displays)

Secondary Sources

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Anon, ‘The Artist in Uniform, Ashley’, Art & Industry, 1942, 32, 90-93
A. Blake, Misha Black, The Design Council, London,1984
COID, Design ’46, HMSO, London, 1946
A. Dewey, ‘Barbara Hepworth & Ashley Havinden, an artistic friendship’, Apollo, 2000, 152, 34-41
J. Gardner, The ARTful Designer, Centurion Press, London, 1993
J.S. Holland, ‘Ashley Havinden )OBE RDI AGI FSIA’, Design, 1973, 297, 85
P. Maguire & J.M. Woodham (eds), Design and Cultural Politics in Postwar Britain, The Britain Can Make It Exhibition of 1946, Leicester University Press, Leicester, 1997
J. Nicholas, "A Triumph of Showmanship", Art & Industry, 1946, 41, 162-171
P. Sparke (ed), Did Britain Make It? British Design in Context 1946-1986, The Design Council, London, 1986
J. Thrift, ‘The Modern Gentleman’, Creative Review, October, 1994, 60-61
G.S. Whittet, ‘The Compleat Designer, James Gardner’, Art & Industry, 45, 134-139

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