Thirteen Weavers

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   Theme Title   Thirteen Weavers    
   Context   Higher Education Further Education   
   Description of Use   Weavers are listed alphabetically by name, and are accompanied by a short biography and images showing examples of their work.    
   Difficulty   Easy   
   Intended End User Role   Learner Undergraduate Foundation   
   Interactivity Type   Expositive   
   Learning Resource Type   Narrative Text Image   
   Typical Age Range   16+   
   Typical Learning Time   45+   
   Author   Margot Coatts   
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   Contributor   David Westwood, photographer   
   Description   This collections guide features the work of thirteen weavers. Their products and careers have influenced the path of woven textile design in Britain, and beyond, throughout the twentieth century.   
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   Language   English en-UK   
   Location   England Farnham Bath    
   Period   20th century 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s    
   Publication Date   19/04/2005   
   Publisher   VADS   
   Resource Type   Narrative text Image   
   Rights   © Text: Margot Coatts 2004/ Images: Crafts Study Centre 2004   
   Source   Crafts Study Centre   
   Subject Keywords   textiles weaving hand-weaving fibres crafts hand-looms Rita Beales Peter Collingwood Ethel Mairet Gwen Mullins Stella Benjamin Marianne Straub Elizabeth Peacock Mary Restieaux Alice Hindson Alison Morton Amelia Uden Geraldine St Aubyn Hubbard Barbara Sawyer   
   Subtitle   A guide to woven textiles in the Crafts Study Centres Collection   



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